Monday, December 12, 2011

Reverse Kill Rights

I made a little mistake the other day when I got a kill ninja style. I was cloaked in one of my target low sec systems watching over a gate camp on the high sec entry gate. A Pilgrim jumps through and the gate camp immediately goes for him. Normally you’d expect a Pilgrim to simply cloak up but unfortunately for this person they got disco’d. Not thinking about the consequences I thought it would be fun to take the opportunity to get on the killmail with my Hound.

The other members of the gate camp weren’t too happy with me whoring their mail, but come on, this is EVE. I reviewed my Kill Rights list and thought, oh crap now I’ve got kill rights on me. This is really going to screw up my game of going after others if I’m constantly looking over my shoulder. Miss Shieeela is quite aggressive in going after Kill Rights targets just like me as I found out the next day when I ran a locator and found her/him in Jita. I sent my alt there to take a peek and saw her/him and his two alts, one in a Helios, one in an RR Domi and herself/himself in an Abaddon.

Once she/he arrived back in home system I wanted to see just how aggressively she'd/he’d go after me. I jumped in my Tempest and went to a safe spot. Her/His Helios came in, scanned me down in under a minute and the Abaddon came in to tackle. I was already aligned, so I made it look like I warped to the low sec gate but actually to another safe spot.

Now certainly I could have just logged off and avoided this girl/guy but what’s the fun in that? I knew what her/his home station was so I decided to challenge her/him directly just to get it over with. I was fairly confident that I could take her/him with my torp shitter Typhoon fit since the biggest weakness of the Abaddon is its drone bay.

We played around a little at first since I didn't want to play station games with her/him. I would dock up so she/he could see me and then align to an asteroid belt and warp there but she/he would never follow. On my third attempt I noticed a secure cargo container within warp distance of the station. She/he undocked in her/his Abbadon and after a little hesitation warped to me. During this time I had my RR Guardian ready just in case he brought out his RR Domi. After she/he warped to me at the can there was additional hesitation but when I finally convinced her/him that I wanted a 1v1, which of course in eve means 1v1 plus RR, she/he decided to shoot me.

Looking back at my mistakes of this fight I was thinking how could I have been so dumb? While I don't want to make excuses I can only say that my adrenaline was pumping pretty hard and my hands were shaking as I tried to regain control of the fight. There was so much more that I could have done, but from a strategy point of view, didn't even think about it. There is always the next time.

We started our battle. She/he scrammed me and was firing the mega pulse IIs and Hammerhead drones. I engaged back with the scram, web, torps, guns and drones. While I have full respect for the Abaddon and have an Amarrian alt with two of them I believe the only problem as a tier 3 BS is its drone bay. Maybe a heavily tanked ship like the Abaddon doesn't need a large drone bay but when you are going up against a Typhoon that can do 1000+ DPS with Ogre IIs in a 150m3 drone bay you had better watch out. Part way into the battle I decided to use the advantages of the large drone bay and reeled in my Ogre IIs and launched the ECM drones. This was the point that actually gave me a pretty good lead because he was focusing on shooting my drones and not me. I pulled my ECM drones back in and redeployed my Ogre IIs.

It was a pretty long battle and at the time it seemed like it was forever but we were at the point where we were both less than 40% in armor. I had a slight advantage over him with just a little higher % of armor. It went down hill from there. One of his buddies comes from somewhere with a Geddon and starts repping him a little. At this point I was fine because I was still ahead in DPS and armor % by a good margin. Then, probably thinking she/he was going to lose she/he brings out her/his RR domi and warps to us and starts getting reps. In retaliation I warped in my Guardian and started giving myself reps. I was stupid though because I didn't have the watch list up and I actually targeted the wrong ship. Because I don't have friendly ships on the overview it took too much time to get my Phoon targeted. Finally I was getting reps but in my confusion I stopped paying attention to my Guardian and was focusing on shooting the Abbadon and I hear the whistle of low shields and low armor. This is where the power of the Abbaddon came in with Scorch L. Even at 75km she/he was able to hit my Guardian and /me facepalm, with no tank it got blown up.

It was pretty hopeless at this point for my phoon but thinking back on the situation I could have done a lot more. I could have relaunched my ECM drones and warped out of there. I could have had my Guardian aligned a lot closer to the fight and once I reached the supposed safe distance, I could have made sure I was aligned out of there just in case. I could have taken my alt back to station, re-shipped into a Geddon, Apoc or Abaddon and came back with a vengeance. I could have done many things different but...well I didn't and hopefully next time I will do better.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

New Tricks

New Tricks

A while back before the new expansion I saw a badger sitting in a low sec system at the high sec gate. He was just sitting there 15km every time I jumped into the low sec system. Sometimes I would see his pod there in the same place and then when I would come back the next day, there was the badger again. I thought, wow, what a great idea. I am doing this baiting thing the hard way. Instead of jumping around to different low sec systems hoping that I land in a gate camp, I'll just go AFK and do something else while I bait. Sure enough the other day I was sitting in a low sec system with both my toons in t1 indys and I got four suckers who just couldn't resist the temptation of an easy kill or two.

It used to be that I would wait a week or two to schedule payback to my kill rights victims but these days I'm a little more cautious as I've had many targets slip through my fingers either by going into a WH, null or just so damn far to another region I didn't even want to deal with them. These days if I run a locator and see that the target is close I will scout them out, hope they are in an expensive ship and then go for it. It so happened that today was a good example of why sometimes it is not good to wait.

The previous day idun isafar, whatever kind of name that is, Swedish I think, pops my poor defenseless indy with his Harby. Wow, what did I do to deserve that? Anyway, log in the next day and see him online, run locator and only 3 jumps from my home system..sweet! I notice from the locator mail that he is not docked up so there is a good chance he is missioning. I jump into my torp shitter phoon and bring my RR domi in tow and head to the system. I had no idea what he was in but I figure its always better to over compensate. Once I jumped into the system I see him there in local  so I know the stupid “People and Places” module is functioning okay. You know, a GM told me that I should not use the People and Places as an “Information Gathering” tool because there can be a delay of up to 3 hours before it updates. Okay, enough complaining, it seems to be working better now so I can move on.

So once I'm in system with isafar I jump into my covops on both toons and he's not in any of the stations or in any of the belts. I put one toon at the low sec gate and one toon at the outgoing high sec gate and about 5 minutes later he leaves system. If the People and Places is working he didn't log off. I jump my alt into the only other system where where he could have went to and confirmed he was there. I then jumped back into the phoon and warped to the gate to wait. I jumped my alt back into the other system to get my RR just in case and then warped back to the system to wait to see what he had.

As my RR is sitting at the gate waiting I'm running the d-scan to try and figure out what he is flying. He belongs to this corp called Goblins something and I see a Navy Mega named Goblin and thought that this had to be him. I've taken on a Navy Mega before but with a Tempest and reps. After a couple of minutes I see my target warp to gate in an Abaddon. I was pretty confident that my phoon could take him especially if he was mission fit.

After he jumped into my waiting trap he didn't decloak until it expired on its own. It was a small gate so I had no trouble at all with my long point to stop him from going anywhere at 14km. The most he could do was try to slow boat it back to the gate and not agress me so I immediately hit my AB, torps, guns and launched Ogres. When I was in range I hit him with my web and bumped him so he couldn't escape. The event went on for 4 minutes and he was active tanked with dual reps so it was just a matter of time of me chipping away at his armor. I proceeded to continue bumping him until he was in structure and the whole time he never shot back. I didn't require my RR this time but it's always good to have just in case. 

Bait James

What can we say about Bait James? Bait James is the guy who sits on a low sec gate in his Myrm with a red flashy Apoc sitting 250km from gate, hence the name Bait James. He’s got a pretty good act to because after I killed him he appeared completely surprised, questioning how I got agro on him in high sec. Kill Rights I said and directed his attention to the link:

Remember now” I said? He replies, “I remember shooting some ships in low sec…”.

We certainly were looking for trouble on that evening. It was myself and a mate from a previous corporation and some of his buddies. It was a fun roam through low sec looking for something to kill. Just when we were about to give up my cloaky alt sees Bait James sitting at the low sec gate in his Myrm with his flashy red buddy in a sebo boosted Apoc 250km from the gate. I get within 20km of the Apoc with my cloaky alt and jump in with my Cyclone to do the tackle. As soon as I get within 5 seconds of bubble exit the rest of the fleet jumps in for support. I land, target, lock, scram, shoot and within 10 seconds as my mates are in warp the rest of the flashy reds start landing. Long story short:

A couple of times I went to his home system and he’s always docked up. I had pretty much given up on him because I never saw him leave the system on the locators. I started following his kill board and saw that he had started losing a couple of ships in some low sec systems and thought great, he’s come out of his hibernation. I ran a locator on him and saw that he was about 15 jumps from my home system. I had to take the chance though since I might not be able to get at him again. I get my RR domi alt on jump in front of my torp shitter phoon and head out to my destination.

My alt found him a couple of jumps from where the locator found him so I thought he might be coming back to his home system. I waited, and waited, and waited and waited and, you get the picture. I sent my alt to the only station in system and just as I was about to dock he exited the system. He didn’t come to where I was so he must be going to the system where I originally found him. I jump in and follow my alt until we track him down. My alt warps to the only station and just as I am about to dock I see his Myrm docking as well.

I had to try and take him on station. I was hoping that my torp shitter had enough DPS, (1000 with Ogre IIs). I jumped into system and warped to the station at the same time as I undocked my RR. I only had to wait about 1 minute before he undocked and immediately I targeted, locked, scrammed, web, torps, guns, drones. It took him about 10 seconds to react. Obviously he was trying to dock up but had to wait on the session change timer. I knew I had him once he aggressed me since there was no way he could take down my phoon and I wouldn’t even need the RR.

After the kill he starts crying in local and telling me that I should grow some balls. All he was doing is is innocently mission running, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Baiting the Gate Campers

I had an idea for an experiment to try in low sec. I would purposely fly a t1 indy ship into a gate camp and get it blown up which would give me kill rights on those who were on the mail. It wouldn’t be just any random gate camp however, it had to be done by pilots who I was familiar with, who often came into high sec as well. The particular pilots that I chose were mainly mission runners with a POS in low sec. One day I caught them doing a Drake camp and decided to set my bait. With both of my characters I flew t1 indy ships which the Drake camp proceeded to blow up. No words were exchanged and I simply made it look like it was random act committed by two careless pilots.
I let a week pass so that the event would fade from their memories. Who knows how many others they blew up that on that day, I didn’t really care. I spent the next two weeks learning their routines and hoping to catch a break to blow them up but it never came. Mr. Red mainly flew cloaky ships like the Buzzard and Prorater. I knew that I had no chance of catching him.

I had just about given up on catching Mr. Green. Whenever I saw him online he was always docked up. It seemed as if our schedules were not in sync because sometimes I would run a locator on him and he would be in Dodixie or Jita and the next time I logged in he was back in our home system.

I was running missions mainly to get my sec status back up from pirating in low sec. I was just about to jump back into my agent’s system when I see Mr. Green pop into local. I thought, “Wow, this is my opportunity!”. Unfortunately I was in a mission fit Drake with no scram, but I had no idea what he was in at the time. I moved my Drake over to the outbound pipe gate and activated my d-scan. After 2 times on the d-scan I see a Bhalgorn. He arrives on gate and I thought, “crap, I don’t have the firepower here with a mission fit Drake to take down a Bhalgorn.  His neuts will cap me out so fast and I’d be dead”. But wait, he’s obviously not paying attention since he is on AP. I noted that he was heading towards Amarr and made the two jumps back to my home system to get my BS. I had my alt with me at the time doing missions in a Drake as well and flew my alt to our home system to get the Guardian.

I had to think fast. I have a wide assortment of BS in my hangar. I had really been eager to try out my Typhoon torpedo shitter fit. Also it was my only armor tank and it fit perfectly with the Guardian logi. I jumped into my Phoon down the pipe towards Amarr. Meanwhile I alt+tabbed to switch my alt into the Guardian. Along the pipe I did not see Mr. Green anywhere. I didn’t think I would be able to catch him since he was only 3 jumps out of Amarr when I saw him initially. I jumped into Amarr expecting to see him in system already docked up but to my surprise he was not there! I thought, “Where could he be? Maybe he is doing a mission somewhere.” Then I caught a break when I saw one of his corp mates in a Tengu heading back towards the Ashab gate. My plan was to follow the Tengu to see where he was going which may lead me to Mr. Green. I jumped back into Ashab and Mr. Green’s corp mate followed but to my surprise he headed towards the gate I had come from. I had my Guardian alt coming down that pipe already and Mr. Green was nowhere to be found.

I stayed in Ashab at the Amarr gate and suddenly Mr. Green pops into local. I thought, “Wow, here is my chance again!” I did not know which direction he was going though since Ashab has so many outbound gates. I decided to try my luck and started to move towards the Amarr gate while at the same time hitting the d-scan. When I was about 2,500m from the gate I hit the d-scan and saw the Bhalgorn. I knew that I had him now and as he came out of warp he was there with me at the gate, completely unaware of what was about to happen to him. I jumped through the gate first and he followed. Immediately I de-cloaked and launched my Ogre IIs. It took him about 5 seconds to de-cloak and this must have been fate because he could have appeared anywhere around the gate within 25km but he appeared right on top of me, only 1,500m away. As this was happening I moved my Guardian into position on the Ashab gate. With only 1 second of hesitation, knowing that I was going to be blown to bits by this Pirate Faction battleship, I targeted, locked, hit the warp disruptor, web and target painter and starting shitting torpedoes on him, shooting my 650mm rounds and engaged with five Ogre IIs.

I could just imagine the look on his face when heard the screech of his low shield alert and he was unable to warp away. As I was pounding on him I thought to myself, “Okay, I broke his shield pretty fast, now we are into armor, here comes the fight!” However to my surprise he did not start shooting back and he was losing armor way too fast. I alt+tabbed back to my Guardian and did not see any of his corp mates in system. Alt+tab back to the action and this Bhalgorn is going down really fast! As soon as I broke his armor one more hit and his ship blew apart. Immediately he convo’d me and congratulated me on a nice gank. When I looked into his loot and saw that only two skill books had survived I was surprised to see that he was unfit.

He told me that he had forgotten all about me having kill rights. I was honest with him and told him that I had purposely set him up. He wondered how and told him that I brought my t1 indy into his gate camp for him to blow up. He mistakenly thought I was waiting for him to undock the Bhalgorn and I told him that I was just running a mission and that it was completely by chance that I caught him.

After posting the killmail I saw that he was indeed completely unfit except for three rigs. I surmised that he must have gone to Chaven to pick up the skill books before coming to Amarr. After all was said and done it was a nice 900mil isk kill and a small investment of 350k for a Wreathe.